DU Festival of Nations 2012 !!

May 3rd, 2012

International Student Association of DU presents “DU FESTIVAL OF NATIONS 2012″…

In this event, there will be many booths from diverse countries represent diverse students in University of Denver. There will also be cultural performance from different countries participants as well.

This year, Indonesia will also participate as well, where we will open a booth that sells many Indonesian foods such as: Nasi Rames, Rujak Penganten, Kue Lapis, Es Teler, Teri kacang Kentang, Roti Pisang Bakar, Kue Lumpur, Risoles, Pastel Goreng and Lidah Kucing.

The event will be held on May 5th, 2012 at Ritchie Center – 2335 South York Street, Denver, CO (2pm-7pm)

Please come to enjoy the richness of diversity among students and communities of different nations…

Permias Denver

“Bridging Cooperation in Research & Education between USA and Indonesia” Workshop

February 13th, 2012

“Bridging Cooperation in Research & Education between USA and Indonesia” Workshop will be held on March 16-17, 2012 at University of Maryland.

Besides interactive discussion panels, parallel sessions and networking events, one of the goals of this meeting is to declare “Center of Excellence”, which will be a starting point of USA-Indonesia corporation in science, technology and humaniora for the next decades.
Registration can be done at http://i-4.eventbrite.com/ OR  http://wusa.i-4.or.id/. Registration deadline is Feb 16, 2012.
Registration Fee: $20 (students) and $100 (professionals)

Humanitarian Engineering Seminar

August 26th, 2011

Monday, September 26th 2011, 5 – 7 PM, Metal Hall, Green Center, Colorado School of Mine

The Hennebach Program

Presented Guest Lecture

“Renewable Energy Implementation for Rural Ecenomic Development”

by Ms. Tri Mumpuni

Who is she? Please click here

Read more detail about this event in this Flyer
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Independence Day Celebration 2011

August 17th, 2011

Dengan ini kami mengundang masyarakat untuk menghadiri Acara Peringatan Kemerdekaan RI, se-Colorado.
tgl 20 Agustus 2011, Sabtu, di Davis Auditorium, Sturm Hall, 2000 E. Asbury Ave, Denver, CO 80208, University of Denver

11am to 10pm: Bazaar
1 pm to 6pm: Pelayanan Pasport oleh Konjen
Acara pertunjukan akan dimulai jam 6.00 pm

$40 VIP Ticket termasuk makan malam Banquet
$20 Regular Ticket
Dengan pembelian tiket orang dewasa, anak yang berumur di bawah umur 12 tahun bisa masuk dengan gratis. Disarankan untuk membawa uang tunai untuk membeli makanan dari vendor. Makanan dari vendor berbeda dengan makan malam Banquet.

Parking at DU: $1.25/Hour and $7/day

Informasi mengenai program, bisa dilihat di pamphlet.

Untuk info lebih lanjut silahkan menghubungi ibnuh@hotmail.com (720-249-8563) / Effendy Sihombing: (720) 936-2867 /Anie Pelletier: (970) 613-0439.

Changes for Indonesian Passport Renewal in KJRI

August 15th, 2011

Pemberitahuan dari KJRI LA, bahwa prosedure perpanjangan paspor/penggantian paspor, telah berubah.

Tgl. 8 Agustus, 2011 -à mulai mengisi formulir perpanjangan passport ON LINE, untuk diserahkan bersama dokumen yang lain, tgl 20 Agustus di Davis Auditorium.
Berikut adalah prosedure yang baru. Mohon disebarkan.

1) Mengisi informasi secara on line: http://www.indonesianconsulate.us/
Setelah diisi dan di submit on line, lalu di print untuk mendapatkan “barcode” dari formulir tersebut, untuk disesuaikan dengan pengiriman dokumen-dokumen persyaratan pelengkap yang lain (yang tidak di submit on line).
Persyaratan dokumen-dokument lain tersebut, disusulkan melalui surat atau diserahkan langsung ke petugas, tgl 20 Agustus, di Davis Auditorium.

Catatan: Pengisian formulir on line tersebut akan expired dalam waktu 14 hari setelah pengisian. Sebelum 14 hari, persyaratan-persyaratan dokumen pelengkap ini sudah harus diserahkan. Jadi kalau Petugas Immigrasi akan datang pada tgl 20 Agustus, formulir “on line” harus mulai diisi dan di submit pada tgl. 8 Agustus paling awal, untuk amannya. Semakin mendekati 20 Agustus, semakin baik.

2) Menyerahkan dokumen-dokumen pelengkap, adalah:
a) 3 buah pas foto Pemohon berwarna dengan latar belakang warna terang (tidak harus merah), ukuran 2×2 inch.
b) Melengkapi form Surat Pernyataan Umum (bagi pemohon 18 tahun ke atas) yang telah ditandatangani Pemohon dan telah ditempelkan 1 (satu) pas foto Pemohon berwarna dengan latar belakang warna terang ukuran 2×2 inch.

Formulir surat pernyataan ini, bisa di download dari:
c) Melampirkan copy kartu Permanent Resident (bila telah memiliki), fotocopy I-20 (untuk pelajar) atau petisi lainnya sesuai dengan status imigrasi.
d) Melampirkan copy kartu identitas: bukti domisili Pemohon berupa kartu identitas (Identification Card), surat izin mengemudi (Driver License), bukti kontrak rumah, tagihan listrik atas nama Pemohon atau fotocopy bank statement.
e) Melampirkan copy bukti identitas berupa: Akte Kelahiran Pemohon atau Ijazah atau Surat Kawin/Cerai atau Surat Baptis.
f) Menyerahkan Paspor Lama.

3) Membayar Biaya:

Perpanjangan Paspor (cap dalam buku) : GRATIS
Pembuatan Paspor (48 halaman) : USD 22.00
SPLP : USD 5.00

Pembayaran: Money Order atau Cashier’s Check yang ditujukan pada (payable to): Indonesian Consulate General – Los Angeles

a) Lihat dan lengkapi terlebih dahulu PERSYARATAN UMUM di atas
b) Melampirkan copy Paspor yang lama/hilang/rusak.
c) Melampirkan Form Berita Acara Pemeriksaan yang telah diisi dan ditandatangani oleh Pemohon dan telah ditandatangani oleh Pejabat Konsuler/Imigrasi KJRI.
d) Melampirkan surat laporan dari Polisi setempat tentang kehilangan paspor..
e) Biaya: Paspor (48 halaman) : USD 44.00 SPLP : USD 5.00
Pembayaran: Money Order atau Cashier’s Check yang ditujukan pada (payable to): Indonesian Consulate General – Los Angeles

Indonesian Food Bazaar

May 13th, 2011

Riverside Indonesia Fellowship is working together with GRI (Global Refuge International) hold an annual fundraising event which objective is to support on medical field (send medicine, doctors, etc) to Burma, Haiti, Indonesia, Uganda, and other parts of the world

In order to do that, they offer the opportunity for us to support them by purchasing and tasting the savory Indonesia dishes and treats. They have selected a handful of appetizers, main dishes, and desserts – all made from scratch- that will surely entice our appreciation of Indonesian cuisines.

For complete menu, can be see at http://www.riversideindonesianfellowship.org/store/

The orders will be taken up until Sunday May 14, 2011 and the food can be delivered on the following Sunday (May 22, 2011)

Payment Info:

check payable to Riverside Indonesian Fellowship

You can send it to Imelda Budiman, 9911 Stoneglen Trail, Lone Tree CO 80124

Support the world health and enjoy the food !!


Permias Denver

Festival of Nations 2011 – DU

April 19th, 2011

On Saturday, April 16th 2011 PERMIAS DENVER participated in Festival of Nations at University Denver.

We opened a booth and sold couple of Indonesian foods such as Sate Ayam, Lemper, Tahu Goreng, Pisang Molen, Es Teler, etc.

Thanks for Kuswanto, Susi, Angel, Gandhi and Naldo who prepared everything so that we can actively participated on that event.

Thanks also to everyone who come to our booth, especially teman2 from PERMIAS GOLDEN.

Hopefully, we will participate more in same or various events, with purpose to introduce Indonesia to the world, especially in US


KKI Colorado Fundraising 2011 begins..

February 22nd, 2011

It’s announced that 2011 Indonesian Catholic Community-Colorado (KKI-Colorado) Fund Raising 2011 has been started! Likewise, you can order our foods trough the website on www.kkicolorado.org/FundRaising.aspx

All foods that you’ve ordered will be prepared and delivered to the address according on the order list that you’ve wrote on April 9th, 2011 between 2 pm until 7 pm.

We will appriciate if you can support on the fund raising, and it’s a pleasure if you can spread the news to your friends, family, colleague, coworker, etc so all of them can enjoy our delicious and home made foods.

Last but not least, without your support, the 2011 KKI-Colorado Fund Raising won’t be a success, and thank you. Hope that you will not be disappointed and all of you’re pleased with the foods.


Permias Denver

Fundraising for Tsunami and Volcano Victims

November 2nd, 2010

On Monday, October 25, 2010, a 7.7 magnitude earthquake and tsunami hit Mentawai Island of West Sumatra Indonesia.  At least 311 people have died and another 410 people are still missing.  The fault that ruptured Monday off the island of Sumatra was the same one that caused the earthquake and monster Indian Ocean tsunami that killed 230,000 people in a dozen countries in 2004.

The day after the tsunami, Mount Merapi at Yogyakarta, Indonesia  erupted at least three times, kiling at least 32 and forcing thirty seven thousand nearby residents to evacuate.

The Indonesian Student Association (PERMIAS) is organizing fundraising to help Indonesian victims and is encouraging the community to participate. PERMIAS will have a booth for this event at two locations:

University of Colorado Denver at Tivoli
Monday – Friday (11/01/2010 – 11/05/2010), 11:00 AM – 03:00 PM

Colorado School of Mines
Monday – Friday (11/01/2010 – 11/05/2010), 10:00 AM – 04:00 PM

Send a check to:
Indonesia Relief-USA.
2297 Emerald Heights Ct. Reston, VA 20191

Donate through online:

Collected cash by PERMIAS will be sent to
Act For Humanity: www.actforhumanity.or.id

For further information, please send an email to:

Kuswanto (kus_119@yahoo.com)
Indah Bayuwijayanti (indah.bayu@gmail.com)

Husni Lubis (mlubis@mymail.mines.edu)
Hendro Fujiono (hfujiono@gmail.com)
All donations from this fundraiser will be sent to Indonesia on November 8th, 2010.

Indonesian Festival 2010

August 22nd, 2010

A fabulous showcase of Indonesian traditional dances, food bazaar, games, tournaments, door prizes, and musical performances to celebrate the 65th Indonesian Independence Day.

When: August 22, 2010. 10am – 10pm

Where: SDA Arvada Gymnasium. 7090 w.  64th  Ave, ARVADA, CO 80003